16 days of action EXETER 2018

It is a global campaign that starts with the UN’s International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) [Day1] and finishes with International Human Rights Day [Day 16]. 

This site has been made to tell people about a collection of local actions &/or events that are taking place in Exeter (& Devon) over 16 days between November 25th & December 10th.

The aim of these events  is to raise awareness, express solidarity and stimulate action to end Domestic & Sexual Violence & Abuse (DSVA).

This is needed because the eradication of Violence and Abuse involves the whole community.  Everyone has a part to play to challenge abusive mind-sets, disrupt abusive patterns and to encourage people to speak out  against abuse.


  • What 16 Days of Action is about. HERE
  • Who is behind this HERE

“Break the Silence. When you witness violence against women and girls. do not sit back. Act” (Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary general)

If you have any feedback – or would like to be involved in hosting an event next year – please leave your details at the (Co)Lab welcome desk and someone will be in contact.

25th November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women- Day 1

Dead Women Walk. A silent walk will raise awareness of the 2 women a week who are murdered in the UK by a man who they knew. The walk is followed by a candle-lit vigil.  Find out more

26th November – How The Media Report Domestic Violence & Abuse – Day 2

Media Reporting Standards For Domestic Violence & Abuse are looking for people to review the media around domestic violence & abuse.

More Positive Me cic have developed 16 days of activities around recognition for those who may have been entangled in abusive and violent relationships and for everyone looking for healthier relationship with themselves.

27th November – Challenge victim blaming – Day 3

It’s just a joke right? She was asking for it….she’d been drinking…..what did she expect walking home alone at night. Today challenge your own, or someone else’s victim blaming. The fault lies with the perpetrator, not the victim.

28th November – Resilient Women Open Session – Day 4

The CoLab are holding an open session of Resilient Women – A creative session for women which will explore relationships and circles of support.  Come prepared to create!  Delicious home-made cupcakes, information, activities, advice and support for all women.

29th November –  Take The Pledge – Day 5

Domestic abuse is a hugely destructive problem & we have a collective responsibility to tackle it. We’re supporting the #WhiteRibbon campaign. Pledge today to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women http://bit.ly/whiteribbonSW

30th November – Sew Your Slogan – Day 6

Join artist Nicci Wonnacott to Sew Your Slogan at The Exeter Phoenix

1st December – Reclaim The Night – Day 7

The Reclaim the Night events are designed to promote public awareness about the levels of violence and harassment experienced by women and girls on our streets. More details.

Recording sex/gender hate crimes. Read more here

2nd December – The legal context for employers – Day 8

Employers needs to understand legal context around #DomesticAbuse – new Sentencing Council guidelines include abuse perpetrated through technology, & recognise that offences can affect people of all backgrounds. Find out more http://bit.ly/BITCtoolkitSW

3rd December – Coercive Control – Risks & Interventions – Day 9

This Relate – run seminar will examine these risk factors, instruct participants in how to assess for risks in relationships, and ensure that practitioners know how to refer clients to the appropriate services, where necessary. More information.

4th December – How to take action – Day 10

An effective workplace policy is critical to raise awareness of #DomesticAbuse, identify responsibilities & ensure support & safety for employees. Take a look at this Unison template on P25 and help #EndTheCycle  http://bit.ly/UnisonDASW

Anyone who has experienced rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their life needs to be involved in decisions about what happens next, be informed enough to make their own choices & have as much control as possible over their journey http://bit.ly/survivorpathSW

5th December – Festive Fundraiser  – Day 11

The Family Law Company are holding a festive fundraiser to raise money for Safe, Splitz Support Services and Devon Rape Crisis at their office on 5th December 2018 from 4-6pm.

6th December – How to have a conversation – Day 12

If you can see someone is not OK, don’t ignore the fact. tell them your are here to listen & be non judgemental. Your opinion may not be needed, but to be heard by someone can mean the world. Always remember the advice lines are available 03451551074 for the Devon Domestic Abuse Service & 01392208756 Devon Rape Crisis.

7th December – Slip On Your Slippers – Day 13

NDADA’s #PJAppeal wear your slippers to work and raise funds for Devon’s only Refuge.

8th December – Family Relationships and Well being Day – Day 14

Devon United Women in collaboration with Hikmat Devon, invite women from diverse background to St. Sidwell’s Community Centre.  Get together to enjoy a day that is dedicated to family relationships and their well being. Read more…

9th December – Contact your local MP – Day 15

You can contact your MP when you, or people living in your area, are affected by decisions made by the UK Parliament or by the Government. MPs represent all the people in their local area, whether they vote for them or not. https://www.parliament.uk/get-involved/contact-your-mp/

10th December – International Human Rights Day – Listening Booth – Day 16

Dreadnought South West have commissioned the design and build of a very special mobile exhibition space. Known as the Listening Booth, it is deliberately designed to look like a voting booth to remind users of the centenary of the right to vote for some women. Excerpts from the oral histories collected for the Rebellious Sounds Archive have been loaded on to interactive voting cards. Listeners put on a pair of headphones and choose a voting card to place in the slot; this will play their chosen story of women’s activism. Find out more.

Exhibition of Say Your Slogan at Exeter Phoenix

After 16 Days

Friday 14th December 2018 marks the centenary of the first polling day women could vote in. Keep an eye out for special events in Exeter.

Vote 100 – women in service

The Cause 


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